An Introduction

Hello anyone bothered enough to read this, welcome to ‘the not so good news’. The main focus of this blog is to work our way through the Bible, passage by passage, dissecting things as we go. I’m going to give my take (which I believe to be very reasonable) on what the different ‘stories’ in the Bible mean, and the relevance they have to us today. If you weren’t able to figure out from the title of this blog, these views will be almost certainly negative, as I myself am an atheist, but please do not switch off and assume that this whole blog is an attack on the Bible. I will do my utmost to be fair, and as any sensible person who has actually read the Bible will know, it doesn’t need any help to look bad.

As for how much Bible content each blog entry will cover, it’s going to be a bit different from post to post. Certain passages of the Bible will give us an infinite number of things to talk about and discuss, while others are entire books of meaningless babble. The plan is still to work through the whole thing, it’s just that some excerpts will be covered in far less detail than others.

I will be using the New International Version, as it’s the most accessible and far easier to understand. While some may argue that original meaning has been altered in this translation, the reality is, the bible has been translated hundreds upon thousands of times to the extent that some original texts and meanings were almost certainly different to what they are today. Given that what some people today consider as the Bible was written over centuries, with numerous writers contributing, it is difficult to say what really is a complete Bible. This could be a whole different topic to discuss, but I would rather focus on content relevant to us today, and as the New International Version is widely used and distributed, it’s what I’m going to use too.

Thanks for reading, Rory McDowell


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